It’s time to up your game.

DeBōHa is a collaborative group of professional coaches who are committed to empowering and equipping people to Be, Do and Have the life they desire and dream to live!

The DeBōHa Girls.

Both Cami Lewis and Monique Panet-Swanson are passionate about connecting with others and sharing information of value. That led us to create DeBōHa which stands for “Design, expand, Believe, overcome, Harness, actualize… your life!

We aspire to make a positive difference in people’s lives, be catalysts for growth, and provide people with the tools to pursue and achieve their dreams.

We integrate the six DeBōHa elements (Design, Elevate, Believe, Overcome, Harness and Achieve) into our work through our trainings, workshops, intensives, retreats, mastermind groups, one-on-one and group coaching, mentoring, accountability partnerships, support groups, and blogs. We go beyond the information and platitudes… we teach people the “how” through experiential and concrete processes. Knowledge without application is, well- just knowledge.

We yearn to see everyone living their best life by mastering their B.E.A.R. (Body, Emotions, Attitude, Reverence).

Feeling stuck? We feel you!

We know what it’s like to feel stuck. To feel like you were made for so much more, or have so much more to give… but it’s hard to get unstuck by yourself… especially because many times we don’t know what we don’t know!

We’re here to help you become your own hero… to get beyond the “speed bumps” and become what you dream.

Who we are.

As a former police sergeant with the Henderson (Nevada) Police Department, Monique Panet-Swanson (above left) served her community for 20 years in a variety of challenging roles. After retiring in 2013, she continued to pursue her passion of working with people to unlock and unleash their maximum potential by founding her personal development and leadership coaching business, EMPUREXE—Empower Your Excellence. Monique is a certified professional life coach through The Coaches Training Institute and The John C. Maxwell Team. Additionally, she is a facilitator, personal trainer, and nutritionist. Visit her website here:

Cami Lewis (above right) has had a business for over 20 years helping entrepreneurs become more organized, efficient and productive. Her passion is to see others succeed. She loves helping people recognize gaps and challenges in their lives and create ways to overcome them, so that they can soar to heights they might only have dreamed of. While much of her work has been working with small business owners and helping them set good foundations for their businesses, Cami also coaches individuals looking to continue to grow and develop themselves. Additionally, she designed an assessment to identify a person’s unique organizing style; and uses that tool while coaching small business owners to design systems that work for how they think and function. Cami is a certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. Visit her website here:


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It’s time to up your game. Join us!

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